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INSIGHT: Are you after Improvement or simply trying to Solve a Problem?

Whether the subject is Lean or Six Sigma, what I’ve seen in my manufacturing career is that too often we seek out continuous improvement expertise for all the wrong reasons.  I just read an excellent article on Lean that should be required reading for everyone in manufacturing from the shop floor to the executive level.…

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Insight: Evo or Revo? The $64,000 question

After nearly 30 years in and around the Medical Device space, I’ve seen success defined by both Evolutionary and Revolutionary products.  Both come with their own specialized set of risks – Evolutionary is generally an easier Regulatory pathway but can easily be mistaken as a “me too” product which makes gaining the attention of investors…

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Insight: Time Management – Who manages whom?

As a manager in a manufacturing environment, any time the subject of multi-tasking/project management/time management came up; I looked like a flirtatious Peacock’s tail.  I mean, if you wanted to know whether I had it together, all you had to do was ask me.  (Make a coughing noise while saying BS at this point.) But…

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Insight: “People are our most important asset!”

How many times have you heard someone say this?  Have you, like me, heard it so often it’s starting to feel like a euphemism but you can’t figure out what it’s a euphemism for? We really do try to focus this segment on more technical subjects but in our most important relationships, HR is a…

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Insight: The conundrum of how systems interact

I’ve been in the Medical Device business for a lot of years and every day is a learning experience.  Many years ago, I was on a trip with a major client headed to another Contract Manufacturer (that was the business I was in at the time) who was to become a shared supplier.  The shop…

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