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A light at the end of the tunnel

Americans and American business’ now wander a landscape that changes on an hour to hour basis and we’d all like to know what the next step looks like. But none of us knows where we’re headed because we’ve never been here before.

What we do know is there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and when we see it; the return to the success we were enjoying just 2 months ago will return.

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Here’s the other thing we feel sure you know; Management Recruiters of Gastonia North has always conducted itself in a way that our clients and our candidates know that we truly care. They know that they come first. And what we care about first and foremost is the health and safety of those two audiences.

Recruiting is an incredibly rewarding business and we are very proud of the service we offer. But our service doesn’t exist without you.

No, this isn’t our response to the COVID-19 virus, there are experts working on that.

This is our message to the people that mean the most to us; our clients and our candidates. It’s a message to let you know that your needs go way beyond a job order or a placement and that whatever your need might be; if you think we can be of value please let us know.

Thank you,

Randy & Susan Bormann