At MRGN, we appreciate the value of a well-laid plan. While we offer a variety of search options to provide maximum flexibility in relation to the needs of our clients, we deliver these solutions within the scope of a proven process to deliver industry-leading talent with the potential to transform your organization.

The Process

1. Planning

Before we can find the talent you need, we get to know you. A deep and thorough understanding of your organization, its values and mission allow us to better identify a candidate that promises to deliver in practice as well as on paper.


2. Sourcing & Recruiting

Our resources produce candidates who possess the skills and attitude vital to your success. Through in-depth interviewing, we determine a candidate’s cultural and technical fit with your organization and the opportunity.


3. Presentation

Once we have identified and curated a selection of the most talented, qualified and relevant candidates, we provide you with a short list of these professionals, summarizing their skills and assets in relation to your needs.


4. Interview Planning & Debriefs

We manage the interview process so that you and the candidate can focus on what’s important, the interview. Following the interview, we debrief both parties to ensure mutual satisfaction. We strive for clarity and honesty in all interactions, and work to carry us all to a finish line where everyone's wants and needs are met.


5. Negotiations

Leveraging industry experience and years of recruiting expertise, we have the pedigree to provide substantive advice and counsel, offering reference checks, background checks and other assistance to solidify the selection process.


6. Acceptance & Beyond

Our process isn't complete upon the acceptance of an offer. Resignation and notice is a tenuous time and we help the candidate navigate this road, fueling their enthusiasm for their new challenge and provide a smooth transition.


Our Promise

Regardless of the specific search in which we engage, we will always apply a process that is thorough, strategic and effective. We stand behind our talent with a written guarantee of performance, affirming our confidence in the process and the candidates it produces.