What We Deliver

We know how difficult your job is because we've been in your shoes. Having worked in the medical device industry, we understand the difficulties facing clients and candidates. We also know the promises of "Relationships," "Partnerships" and "Value Propositions" made by recruiters are often empty taglines, lacking a true understanding of what that entails. At MRGN, we are dedicated to the medical device industry because we know it and we believe in it. Whether you are in need of outstanding talent or a great career, you need solutions delivered with Quality, Velocity and Integrity. It is this understanding, combined with a strong work ethic and industry experience that allows us to succeed where others fall short.


The Perfect Storm

As unemployment continues to decline and the pool of highly qualified professionals becomes more shallow, the perfect storm is here.


We are your advocate, and we only put you in position to vie for opportunities with the best chance of maximizing your success.

Our interview preparation is designed to set you apart.


We become an extension of your resources by giving you access to our experience and becoming a part of your team.

We work to understand your business from the inside out, enabling us to find the skill-set and the cultural fit.


If you’re responsible for hiring anyone, then you know there are more than enough recruiters out there who would love to help you fill any position.  The challenge is finding a team that combines efficiency and effectiveness to quickly find the needle in a haystack that results in a long-term fit for both the company and the candidate.  In today’s world, anyone can generate dozens of potential candidates with just a few keywords and a LinkedIn® account.  The difference comes down to understanding people, and that is what Randy and Susan do better than any other team I have worked with in my career.  A few minutes on the phone with Randy quickly reveals his desire to uncover not just the requirements of the position but also the intricacies of our company culture.  He and Susan have developed a unique approach to identify potential candidates and quickly move beyond the resumés to understand the people behind them - their personalities, their motivations, their aspirations.  It is their ability to make it personal that differentiates them from their counterparts, and in our case, allowed them to delivery a successful fit with the first candidate they presented.  For them it is not just recruiting to fill a position, it is a thoughtful match-making process that focuses on creating a lasting relationship. 

President & COO - Medical Device OEM

I contacted MR Gastonia about an opportunity thinking it would be like any other contact to a recruiter where they collect your résumé and you never hear from them again.  Not this time. 

Susan called me and we had a very detailed conversation about the role.  She drilled into my strengths and weaknesses and then explained the company’s needs and even wanted to know what my expectations would be… I then had an equally detailed conversation with Randy and once we agreed to proceed, he spent time with me in a mock interview.  He shared great tips [and] gave me insights into an interviewer’s thinking.

After the onsite interview Randy was extremely honest with me building a great measure of trust which I think is most important; giving me confidence that he was acting not only in his client’s best interest but mine as well.  I wound up in a great job doing exactly what I wanted to do.  They are both professionals, extremely ethical, know how to find the fit between candidate and employer and they have my highest recommendation.

Product Develoment Engineer - Medical Device OEM

Shortly after the initial contact by Susan at MR Gastonia, I was preparing for an interview.  A thorough questionnaire and general interest conversation ensured the job was a perfect fit.  Randy is diligent about the candidates' career; going above simple job placement.  Having worked in the Medical field himself over 20 years gives him an in depth knowledge of what employers and employees expect.  In addition, he does everything to prepare you for a successful interview, including resume critiques, mock interview questions and detailed background information on both interviewers and company.  In fact after this prep work, I was given multiple offers and chose the opportunity he proposed.  Susan & Randy have my highest recommendation; their work ethic and professionalism have helped me obtain a great career.

Sr. Product Development Engineer - Medical Device OEM

I have worked with Susan and Randy over the last two years to help find and fill key technical and management positions.  What sets them apart is their success in matching our needs with the needs of the candidate, assuring that we get not only qualified people, but people who will be happy and successful here.  Their careful up-front screening saves us time and cost; we quickly find and often hire these well-selected candidates.

Director of Quality Assurance - Contract Manufacturer