At Management Recruiters of Gastonia North, we work with exceptional Medical Device Engineering professionals and provide them with resources and opportunities to propel their careers. We understand the challenges of a regulated industry and recognize the technical skills it takes to be successful. Whether in NPD, Manufacturing, or Quality, we want to be the recruiters you chose to help you find your next great position!

Self Examination

Understand your needs both emotionally and financially. What are you passionate about? What energizes you and enables you to believe in what you are doing? What are your unique talents and abilities? 


Your skills and experience will be well suited to more than one career direction. Look inwardly; understand your strengths and weaknesses, then research opportunities that are well suited to your strengths.


Career development is about fulfillment not compensation. Build upon your strengths, shore-up your weaknesses and work to understand your effectiveness as a team member and your action plan will create itself.

Self Improvement

Focus on the differentiators – If you are in sales and everyone is being trained in the latest fad closing technique, attend a course in purchasing. Identify and maximize opportunities that allow you to stand out.


Always target excellence by networking with and mentoring under successful people in your industry:  successful people beget successful people.  And when you achieve your objectives, remember to pay it back.


Regularly examine, evaluate and refine your plan. Be prepared for the unexpected opportunities and setbacks. Find a strong mentor; the experience of others can help guide you to where you want to be.

We’re always looking to help exceptional professionals grow their careers. If you are ready to make the most of your talent, share your experience with us today.