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Too many Economists make the economy too complicated

In my lifetime, finding someone to talk about the economy in simple language has not been easy.  

Their economic indicators often feel like a euphemism for “we don’t know what we’re talking about”; their acronyms more complicated than a radar chart; and their inability to say anything good, frustrating.   

Not so with the folks at ITR. 

Many of the classic indicators that had been in decline, are now on the rise and what’s nice is, ITR doesn’t mind speaking positively about that. 

Remember, the middle class was all but wiped out in the first decade of this millennium; today it is in a strong recovery.  Isn’t that something good to talk about?

Tremor or Earthquake?

If you’re looking for an alternative source for economic information that won’t cause you palpitations, ITR works for me. 

ITR still predicts a 2022-2023 recession but one would hope that having the information in hand will make us all better prepared.  And if a recession doesn’t happen?  Yay!

You and I know that the boon we’re in can’t last forever so how can there be a downside of knowing and being prepared? 

Gone are the days of an economic homerun for the everyday person; here are the days when we understand that success for the average character is cyclic and very fragile. 

You may want to consider following these guys for your personal finances as well as for your company’s.  They know what they’re talking about and generally do so in a way that this character can understand.