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Is Traffic a Good Thing?

A few days ago, Susan and I were talking about traffic. What does traffic have to do with our business you might ask? Everything!

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You see what we noticed was the volume of traffic; it has gone up significantly in the last several weeks – a clear indication that people are getting back out again. Yay!!!

Shortly after that conversation I got our corporate partner’s report on employment from February 2021, a report that blew the roof off expectations. How can that be?

It’s because of traffic! There were 379,000 jobs added in February and 355,000 of those, almost 94% were added in the Travel & Leisure category; you know, restaurants and stuff like that. People are getting back out again.

What I used to hate when I lived in Chicago; what always frustrated me when nearby the most frequented shopping areas where I live now; has become a beacon of hope – TRAFFIC!

Interestingly our business, which on the surface has nothing to do with traffic, is also getting better. Last year wasn’t bad for most recruiting companies but everyone was wringing their hands at the end of the year wondering what 2021 was going to bring. Traffic!

More solid job orders, more valuable interactions with candidates, more new clients; more, more, more. Oh, and more traffic!

So, the next time you’re sitting in traffic with blood running out of the corner of your mouth as you bite your tongue to hold back the cursing you’d like to do; think about what the world was like when there wasn’t any TRAFFIC.