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Who, What, Where, When, and Why? The 5 guideposts of a short story.

As med device engineering recruiters, we can be challenged by some very difficult needs.  Recently a new client had a requirement for someone with highly developed laser-cutting skills.  The challenge was to recruit a person with skills in textiles and a med device engineering background.  

At Management Recruiters of Gastonia, we look at these challenges through different lenses because we have lived that life.  How did we find the right person?  We’re in a candidate driven market which means the recruiting is old-fashioned, make lots of calls; and new-fashioned, send lots of texts/emails.  

What often happens when looking for med device engineering talent, is we talk to someone who says “that’s not me but I know someone” and that someone winds up being exactly who we are looking for.

Why was this med device engineer willing to talk to us?  Because from day 1, it was clear to them that we knew what we were talking about and because we “got” the engineering challenge; they were willing to listen and learn about the client.  More importantly, they were willing to open up to us beyond the engineering needs, to identify the cultural/personality match. 

The “trick” is always the same, know the client’s culture from corporate to departmental.  Recruit for those needs, and when you put engineering skills in front of them that fit the technical requirement, the cultural aptitudes, you’ve sought will make for an irrefutable match.

The client had worked on filling the role for several months and because of our unique set of skills, MRGN was able to find the right engineering talent in about 6 weeks.  Don’t let your medical device engineering recruiter tell you otherwise – It’s WHAT we know about med device engineering that leads us to the right WHO.