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More about COVID? Aargh!

It’s funny if you listen to news, watch it, or get all your news by reading; the variety of COVID impacts we get from that news is almost boundless.

What we never hear about is how the virus effects industry at the core of their processes. And when I say industry I’m speaking, of course about the industry so close to my heart for the last 30 years; Medical Device.

This following article highlights 3 lessons learned; involving Supplier Quality, Quality as an Extensible tool, and Quality as a Flexible part of the system.

As you read though, make sure not to stop short of the entire article because the section about “Advancing Quality Amidst a Pandemic” is equally interesting. 

Funny but our recruiting business has been entrenched in Quality since its inception but it is so critical to understand the role of quality in today’s business, we felt like it was time to highlight it again.

The closing line of the article is, “By learning from the COVID-19 crisis, quality professionals can be better prepared for the next set of inevitable challenges.”

COVID-19’s Impact on Quality: 3 Lessons Learned and Where We Go From Here