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Ethical Practices

Incumbent of the service we provide, Ethical Business/Personal Practices are at the core of our values. Our proposition transcends other services because of who we are and what we do.

Our professional practice consists of:

  • Confidentiality; client and candidate information is disclosed only with their full knowledge and approval.
  • Provide all relevant information to the parties regardless of how it may influence a decision.
  • Adhere to all applicable laws and regulations relating to recruitment or employment, including non-discrimination based on any protected characteristic.
  • Stand firmly by the rule that current clients are not to be recruited from.
  • Fully qualify candidates before they are presented for consideration to our clients.
  • Assure timely updates, feedback and responses to both clients and candidates throughout the process.
  • Reference checks prior to an offer of employment being made to our candidate.
  • Upfront agreement on fees and guidelines to ensure mutually satisfying terms.
  • Candidates are treated with respect and dignity and given constructive counseling as appropriate and warranted.