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2019 Recruitment Trends Study

As global experts and leaders in the search and recruitment industry, MRINetwork recruiters conduct searches every day in virtually every industry at the executive, managerial and professional level. They have a keen awareness of the overall job market, as well as the factors and trends that shape it. In April we conducted the 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study, surveying candidates and employers across the U.S. to assess attitudes about recruitment today where multiple interviews, personality tests, artificial intelligence, team interviews and gamification can all play a part in the evolving hiring process.

2019 Recruitment Trends Study


• Seventy-six percent of candidates said they expect to be able to apply for jobs and receive feedback via mobile devices. By comparison, only 30 percent of employers have a mobile-friendly application process.

• Top things candidates dislike about the application process are downloading their resume, and then still being expected to manually enter content displayed on the resume; submitting a resume for a job for which they are qualified, but knowing it may never be seen by a real person; and struggling to communicate valuable experience when they haven’t had a linear career path.

• Most employers (52 percent) said their companies don’t use recruitment technology. Of those that do, 30 percent use automation tools such as an applicant tracking system, and another 30 percent have a mobile-friendly process.

• Sixty-two percent of employers said their use of external recruiters has not changed, despite new recruitment technologies that have been introduced into the hiring process. Thirty percent of hiring authorities said use of external recruiters has either somewhat or greatly increased.

• Most employers (63 percent) said when comparing this year to previous years, the length of their firm’s hiring process has not changed. Of those that noted a change, 18 percent said the process is slightly or much longer now. Availability of qualified talent (49 percent), changes to the internal interview process (44 percent) and time to attract qualified talent (43 percent) were ranked relatively the same.

• Just over half of hiring authorities (54 percent) said their company does not leverage the concept of employer branding. The 26 percent of employers that do leverage employer branding feel the use of the company website to support the employer brand, volunteer/ community work and communication of the company as a great place to work are prioritized most.