Susan Bormann

(704) 215-5968

With more than 14 years’ experience in Customer Service, managing diverse and effective call centers, she understands the importance of effective questioning but her skills are derived from her ability to ‘hear’ both the spoken and unspoken response.  Peter Drucker, the father of Management by Objectives, provided her with foundational advice when he said, “No organization can do better than the people it has” and that principal is as applicable to recruiting as it was to managing. 

“Our process is straightforward” she says, “we conduct in-depth interviews with our clients before we are willing to begin the search because our effectiveness is derived from our ability to deliver a minimum number of résumés for every hire they make.  If the client was looking for volume they could accomplish that by posting their opportunity on the internet.  We have to give them something they don't have time to get on their own.” 

As a critical member of our team, she is responsible for finding those candidates that will distinguish themselves to our clients; the kind of people that will make a difference to their business.  In any economy, the Impact Players that employers are difficult to find and her dedication to finding that difference-maker is what drives her; using her management experience to empathize with our client's needs is how she knows when she’s on the right track with a candidate.

In her world, the best candidates are those that are happy in their job but willing to listen because she has an exceptional opportunity to discuss.  She wants to help you find the right role but she is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of her customer; so she doesn't ask the easy questions or accept a casual response.

But once she's convinced, she is equally dedicated to making sure we find the opportunity the candidate will recognize as the next great step in their career. 

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