Randy Bormann

Account Executive
(704) 215-5968

30 years in Manufacturing, more than half of those in Medical Device, forms the foundation for his approach and success in his 8+ years of recruiting.  Involved in multi-million dollar Device programs, he mentored the importance of constant review, data-based decision-making and effective communications but equally as important he taught people how to hone and heed their intuition.  “I left work every night asking myself the exact same question: Have I done everything possible to ensure that our people will have a job tomorrow?” 

Will Rogers’ quote, “Even if you are on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there” is at the core of his approach; a principle he still uses in recruiting to help the client clearly define their needs and ensure the right candidate match. Whether the fee is Retained or Contingent, the client is paying for a service and deserves to get real value for that cost. His objective is to be an extension of their resources and to provide them with enough information about every candidate that the logical next step is an interview. 

To candidates, he sees his responsibility as providing them with opportunities well suited to their talent and personality. Sometimes he’s tough because he’s a great believer in a quote from the philosopher Seneca, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” but in this marketplace, it’s the candidate’s ability to differentiate themselves that makes the difference.  

Professionalism, Preparation and Hard Work are a part of every successful work effort but Trust and Integrity are always the foundation. With Trust and Integrity, and a quantity of fun mixed in, everyone will come to the table with clearly understood wants and walk away from the table with mutually satisfied needs.

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