Contract Staffing

Short-Term Solutions For Long-Term Goals

In today's business environment, companies must rely on a variety of staffing solutions to meet their organization's needs and objectives. Contract staffing satisfies several situations that arise in today’s business environment –

  • Growth spurts in your business,
  • A key individual needs to take a leave of absence,
  • A short-term opportunity that you want to take advantage, or
  • A temp-to-hire situation. 

Contract professionals are a unique breed. They can be "free agents" or "entrepreneurs," but they are not easy to find.  We are working within our industry every single day, so we know the key players who can provide immediate results on a short-term or long-term contract basis. We can quickly deliver experienced talent ready to make an immediate impact on your business.

We apply the same in-depth screening process that goes into our permanent placement activities. We uncover motivations, desire and attitudes in addition to skills and talents.

As an affiliate of MRINetwork Contract Staffing, we will - 

  • Act as the employer of record
  • Manage all compensation, payroll and taxes
  • Cover liability and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Provide contractor benefits
  • Invoice weekly

Your responsibility?  Approve a weekly, electronic timecard. 

Your needs for Contract Staffing may fall into any one of the categories above but they demand rapid, professional response.  MRGN is positioned to help you with those needs … right now. 

Other Services

Background Investigations

Through our relationship with a strategic partner, we can offer a wide range of pre-employment background investigations. These optional investigations and services include:

  • Criminal conviction history (by state)
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Education and professional license verification
  • Employment verification
  • Personal reference check
  • Department of motor vehicle reports
  • Alien status/right-to-work verification

Relocation Services

When that exciting next step in your career involves relocation, your hesitance about the decision can grow exponentially.  We understand that and while we can’t take away the “uprooted” feeling of a move, we do offer a service to make it a bit less painful.  Our affiliation with MRINetwork™  and their partnership with FAS is how we continue to work with you at every step of the process.

FAS is a non-affiliated relocation firm, which means there is no charge to the candidate or client for their services.

  • Cost-of-Living Analysis/City Profile. We use current profiles of more that 700 U.S. and Canadian cities to determine the net effect that relocation will have on an employee's income. Profile information includes cost-of-living indices, housing and rental information, weather, population, taxes, crime rates, health care, elder care, day care, education information and much more.
  • Home Marketing. To help sell a new employee's home, our MRINetwork™ corporate home marketing service accurately matches and selects top real estate agents to work with each employee. Agents develop a comprehensive market review, marketing plan and other professional information and support to sell homes quickly and efficiently.
  • Home Finding. This service matches the new employee's desired home and community characteristics with similar attributes in the new area. Elements include phone counseling, personalized area information kits, area orientation, VIP community tours, counseling and referral services for childcare, elder care and spousal employment.
  • Special Mortgage Services. Employees receive special VIP access to leading national lenders, a dedicated team of mortgage counselors, preferred rates, closing cost savings, liberal qualifying ratios, credit for accompanying spouse income, free pre-qualification letter and a quick loan decision.
  • Reduced Moving Costs. Through a special move-management program, you benefit from special savings and discounts negotiated by MRINetwork™ with the country's leading van lines. These include more than a 50% reduction (from full tariff rates) on all interstate moves, free insurance/valuation, discounted storage services, waived peak season charges and special rates for cars.
  • Home Buy-out Programs/Expense Tracking. MRINetwork offers end-to-end closing services for nominal fees, including a guaranteed purchase offer, amended value sale and buyer value option. In addition, this service manages the expense payout and reimbursement function, including report auditing, data entry, payroll department interface and more.
  • Other Services. The following services are also available to you or the candidate at no cost: address change notification; assistance in finding temporary corporate housing or home rentals; investment, financial planning and insurance counseling; and an educational library.
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