Our Process

Because we’re good listeners first, we don’t waste time later. We invest the time to understand your values, your philosophy and your requirements. We ask questions, challenge you and make you think. Our goal is to make the match that’s beneficial for everyone.


We design a specific plan for every assignment we accept.  We start by interviewing you to understand your needs beyond the sterile bullets on a job description.

Sourcing & Recruiting

Through a variety of sources, we identify candidates who may possess the skills and talents identified in our plan. We conduct an in depth technical interview, ask behavioral questions, ensure a cultural fit and insist the candidate research you, the client, and persuade us of their interest in the opportunity.


We present you a short list of candidates and provide you with more than just a resume.  Our presentation is a summary of the candidate's skills, tangible or otherwise, as they pertain specifically to your requirements.

Interview Planning & Debriefs

You tell us when you're available and we schedule the interviews.  We debrief all parties, determine next steps or, if necessary, recalibrate.    


We provide counsel and advice at this critical point in the process. We also offer reference checks, relocation assistance, career guidance and background tests to solidify the selection process.


We help the candidate maneuver through the emotion of resigning from their current position and assuring that no obstacles hamper the transfer to your position.

Our Promise

Our search will be thorough, strategic and effective. We stand behind our talent with a written guarantee of performance. Let’s talk about what’s right for you.

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