Career Tips- Counteroffer

Regardless of the high unemployment we hear about every day, the College Educated and experienced labor pool is very shallow.  Employers understand that the cost of a counteroffer can be much lower than the cost of a new hire.  Before you dance off into the sunset though, consider this -

Realities: According to national surveys of employees that accept a counter-offer, 50-80% voluntarily leave their employer within 6 months of accepting a counter-offer because of unkept promises.  Of the balance, the majority leave involuntarily within 12 months due to termination or lay off.

Questionable Loyalty: Whether you were going to a competitor or not, you announced your impending departure and now have questionable loyalty to the company. If they question your loyalty, how long do you think it will take them to begin the search for your replacement?

What has Changed?: For most of us the decision to accept a new position comes with great consternation. Equally, we can point to a number of things that cause us to be dissatisfied in our current job. Our first responsibility is to discuss our unhappiness with our boss before looking at a new opportunity. If we have done that, what can they possibly change about our concerns when making a counter-offer? If you consider the total time that elapses between announcing your acceptance of a new job and receipt of the counter-offer, nothing could have changed.

If you’re a candidate working with us right now, we have discussed counter-offers and the incredible risks they can bring. If you’re reading this as a visitor to our site, talk to us about why you would be better off letting us represent you to potential employers and what we know about the entire process.

We have yet to see any discussion concerning counter-offers that is in the candidate’s best interest, but, why take our word for it. Do your own internet search of ‘counter-offer’ and see what you find.

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