Career Tips- Phone Interview

The objective of a Telephone Interview (TI) is very simple: to provide enough about your background and your personality/character that the hiring company will bring you in for a Face to Face (FTF) interview. The TI is about Breadth, not Depth.  The components are common:

  • Stand Up – Sitting during any telephone conversation gives you little opportunity to burn off energy and/or adrenaline. The result is we tend to talk too much. When standing you do a better job of controlling your energy level and tend to be more thoughtful in your responses.
  • Be Brief – Provide enough information so that you have responded completely but not with so much information that you’ll have nothing to say if invited for a F2F. A good rule of thumb is: a complete answer can generally be given in 60 to 90 seconds.
  • Be Prepared – See other sections on how to prepare and know the client. The candidate most likely to reach a Face-to-face (F2F) interview is the one that is prepared.
  • Be Passionate – About what you do, about the opportunity, about the company. The strongest indicator to a Hiring Authority of whether you’re a good fit is in your tone of voice.
  • Be Honest – The worst thing you could possibly do is to misrepresent something about yourself and have that information “caught out” during a F2F, reference check or background check.
  • Look for Closure – If all of the components have been there a simple question like, “May I ask, what is our next step?” Nothing demonstrates your level of interest in the job or company more than this simple question.
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