Firm Overview

Everyone talks about how “the market has changed” but you rarely hear that change being quantified –

  • Companies are not growing at the same rates they grew 5 years ago so they are more cautious about hiring  
  • Every job posting attracts hundreds of résumés so candidate differentiation is not easy 
  • The candidate pool for “College Educated, Experienced Professionals” is more shallow than it’s ever been
  • Interviewing is more arduous than before so candidate preparation is paramount to success

Our clients come to us on a recurring basis, and frequently work exclusively with us when looking for difference-makers; they understand that finding an impact player is the result of focused efforts from professionals who know where to look. “Relationship,” “Partnering” and “Value Proposition” have become empty promises, over-used in the world of marketing. What you want – and what we deliver – is Quality, Velocity and Integrity. No more, no less. 

What about our candidates? We pride ourselves on looking beyond the content of your résumé and spend time with you to understand your motivations. We advise you on how to put “Wow!” into your résumé and the interview, working with you to get you in front of the company that everyone wants to work for. We want you to succeed because when you do, you will become one of our most important clients.

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